Here is our team:

Semper in altum

The principle we employ in our artistic actions is a Latin maxim “Semper in altum”. We are a team taking photos in a convention of modern piktorializm, vide the notion used in 1990 by professor D.J. Ruzicky during his exhibition at the Minneapolis Institute of Arts, but based on the principles established by Robert Demachy and published in Camera Work in 1907...

We do not identify ourselves with modernism, on the contrary, we are antimodernistic if you take into consideration what D. Kuspit wrote in his work “The Death of Art” and in the introduction to the famous exhibition “New Old Masters”. The closest to us are neopictorialism and subjective photography in modern understanding. The main feature of this art, as R. Demachy and Zola used to write, is interpretation. To put it briefly, a picture/shot should differ from what a lens has seen. The final result should be marked by sensitivity and talent of the artist. Additionally, in our web gallery all shots are divided into some thematic exhibitions. In Minor is a series of shows maintained in the same mood and tonality but dealing with entirely different problems.Presented exhibitions are unusual for the Polish market of artistic photography for two reasons; it is deep-rooted in the very beginning of artistic photography; explicitly pictorialism, as well as close to the forgotten in Poland for many decades trend of social or, if you wish, sociological photography. Furthermore, it is interdisciplinary in character, which can be understood in a specific way. Firstly, the inspirations have come from literature; Death of Beautiful Deer by Ota Pavel with his longing for the lost childhood, The Street of Crocodiles by Bruno Schultz and Luis Aragon’s Paris Peasant with its drowsy-oneiric ambiance of the passing time. Secondly, some ideas have arisen from the fascination of surrealists especially Giorgio De Chirico, M.C. Escher and the automatic writing of Andre Breton. Thirdly, there has been an undeniable influence of the early twentieth century photography, especially its artistic documentary side created by Eugene Atget. And last but not least; the use of light…!

by Wojciech Romański
© 2011 Wielomski Pictorial PHOTOGRAPHY